Hurricane Irma has left a complete mess across our great state of Florida and many islands in the Caribbean. For most of us, power outages were the only affect. For others, everything was lost. I want to find a way to give back and help those in need. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of money to give, or the time and ability to fly into devastated areas and volunteer with recovery efforts like I want to. However, I would like to give back with my photography.

"Incoming Storm" was taken the morning before Hurricane Matthew struck and shows the Jacksonville Beach Pier fully intact before the storm claimed over 300-feet from it.

"Bring It On" was taken a couple of days before Hurricane Irma, as the swell from both it and a Nor'Easter began to move in. I wasn't sure if Irma would finish the work that Matthew started and claim the rest of our Pier, so I wanted this shot in case it did - thankfully it didn't!

For me, both of these shots represent an iconic place in our community and the beautiful, but dangerous element of the ocean.

I'm offering prints of both shots with all proceeds (minus costs + shipping) to go to the Florida Disaster Fund (, which will help families all across our state recover from this hurricane. If there are any other specific charities, families, etc. that you would rather the donation go to, please let me know and we can work together to personalize this to their needs.

The matte prints for either photograph will be offered in:
8x12 - $30
12x18 - $60
16x24 - $80

Message me if you're interested in a print and donation and we will work together the details for payment. I can ship to anyone directly and also send the receipt of my donation to the charity.

If you'd like to donate directly through my website (, you can purchase the first 2 prints that have "CHARITY" in the beginning of the title.



Joshua Kirshner