I am the voyager of the ocean grey. I, Wayfarer, see fairway.
And this I give for all mankind, sail away on an ocean wave.
— "Liberty Ship" by The La's

For a while now, I've wanted and felt like a logo of some sort was needed to represent myself and The Wayfarer's Dream. Something fresh and innovative, that could represent me as a creator and photographer. I tried to design and sketch many things on my own, but I quickly discovered my artistic abilities do NOT include drawing!

Then I discovered someone else's art. Meet Ryan Montez ( and @rmontez). Ryan is a rad photography, artist, website creator and graphic designer. I discovered Ryan through his work at the locally famous Hotel Palms in Atlantic Beach. Ryan's designs always seem to embody mind, body and spirit with a love for all things ocean related. I knew he was the man that would take his artistic talents and combine them with my ideas and bring a logo for The Wayfarer's Dream to life. He did just that!

Be sure to check Ryan's other work out, and consider him if you need someone to do some design work for you. He really took his time and sketched a ton of rad ideas out, sending them to me for feedback and working with me towards the final result. I'm completely stoked on how the design came out and I'd love to hear what you think about it too!

Joshua Kirshner