BRECKENRIDGE, COLORADO - A town synonymous with winter sports in the US. Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and any other winter activity you can think of can be done here. 

Last week, myself and two friends (Tyler and Avery), embarked on a guys only trip to ski these infamous slopes in the Rocky Mountains located two hours outside of Denver. It was a trip of many firsts for myself. First time skiing, first snow angel, and hell, first time seeing more than just flurries for snowfall!

Despite the abuse that I put my body through the first day learning of about 25 wipeouts, including one going a measured 27mph(!), it was an incredibly rough, but fun experience. After a rough first day, the second day on the slopes saw much more improvement. My first run down, I did not fall once! From there, it just got better and better until I was shredding the slopes consistently. Okay, maybe I wasn't completely shredding, but it took a steep blue slope before I would have my first quality wipeout of the day. Thankfully, it wasn't even "The Snow Troopers" best wipeout of the day, as Avery took a blindsided, perfect-form tackle by the ski lift chair and also a power slide on the stomach for halfway down a slope!

Overall, it was an incredible trip and one of the best vacations I have ever been on. Skiing was so much fun and I'm glad I can say I have that experience and learned how to do it. Check out some pictures and video from the trip below!

Joshua Kirshner